Our Charity of the Month

Every month Cameron Baum makes a financial donation to a charity selected by one of its employees. So for we have donated £4,200!

The Partners began this tradition in 2015, and so far staff have nominated a range of charities, including; Bliss, Contact the Elderly, Roald Dahl's Marvellous Children's Charity, Shooting Star Chase, Mencap, The Kensington & Chelsea Foundation- Greenfell Tower Appeal, JAMI (Jewish Association of Mentally Ill), Shabaton L’Menucha , RNIB, British Red Cross- Hurricane Appeal, SLOW, Cancer Research UK , Samaritans. We have also pledged a sum of money to The Alzheimer’s Society which was raised from a client response survey.

Supporting charities is something that we believe every business should consider – whether it’s a financial donation, giving a loan of facilities or equipment, or donating staff expertise.

Helping and supporting charities and local projects is a great way to not only boost staff morale but to reach out to those in need.

Giving to charity is a great thing to do and far simpler than a lot of people think, and of course, there are tax benefits for businesses that do this.
You can learn more about our chosen charities by clicking on the logos below.

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Charity chosen by our employee, Bozena, for December 2018: The Herb Society

  • The Herb Society
    The Herb Society

    Month Donation Made: Dec-2018   Employee:  Bozena

  • Ewa

    Month Donation Made: June 2018   Employee:  Ewa

  • Sakthi

    Month Donation Made: April 2018   Employee:  Sakthi

  • Anthony Nolan

    Month Donation Made: March 2018   Employee:  Hailey


  • Felix Fund

    Month Donation Made: February 2018   Employee:  Jenny

  • Cancer Research UK

    Month Donation Made: Dec-17    Employee: Philip  

  • Samaritans

    Month Donation Made: Jan-18   Employee:  Ilana

  • The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation
    The Sir Bobby Robson Foundation

    Month Donation Made: Jul-18    Employee: Peter

  • Crossroads in Israel
    Crossroads in Israel

    Month Donation Made: Sep-2018   Employee:  David

  • Cancer Research UK
    Cancer Research UK

    Month Donation Made: Nov-2018   Employee:  Ratnam

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